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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My shopping trip- MUST get back on track!

I have not shopped in 2 weeks due to planning for our vacation and then being gone for 5 days...then the massive laundry & cleaning upon my return.

Last night I tried my best to put a list together to shop.  Poor planning, impatience, and just not being in the mood to shop ended in frustration and overspending :(  I just want all my readers to know, I have my weeks too where I spend ALOT.  I like to stay around $30, including groceries, HBA, Diapers & wipes.  As you can see, I went over a tad....ok ALOT!

My first trip was Publix. It was wonderful. Nice & quiet.  Followed my list, used lots of coupons!  I did decent there. Spent $23 and saved $98! 

My list:
2 packs of strawberries
2 Tubs of coolwhip (yay I found the peelies)
2 bags of carrots
2 pounds of bananas
12 bags of shredded cheese
2 packs of sandwich cheese
2 packs of Oscar Mayer Bacon
2 boxes of frosted Cheerios
1 box of Prevacid
2 bags of Stacy's Pita Chips
1 pack of Hummus (my splurge!)
2 boxes of Ritz Crackerfuls
10 bags of steamfresh veggies
2 bottles of Kens Dressing
2 Loaves of Publix Bread

I then headed to Walmart........walking in I knew it would be bad.  There were about 8 lanes open....ALL of them ended in the clothing department... No lie, each line was at least 8 carts long--I was wishing I had my phone so I could take a pic. I have NEVER seen it that bad ---- Easter shopping maybe? Or, is it always like this???-I avoid Walmart because..I overspend and often buy things I don't need. Thankfully, this trip I only purchased what I needed--because after my hour at Publix, a quick stop at Winn Dixie & Walgreens, I was exhausted(it was 10pm) so I  stuck to what I NEEDED.

Here's what  I got: ground beef, a brisket, 3lb bag of chicken, 3 cartons of 18ct eggs, Toilet paper, 2 bags of pretzels, Welchs Juice, 2 gallons of milk, soup, creamer, baby wash, popcorn shrimp, peanut butter, more bananas (we eat alot of bananas)

Total Spent $50. ACK!  Im getting back on track TODAY! Already started clipping for Mondays Publix sales!

So, tell me-- What are your thoughts on Walmart?  Love it or hate it? 


  1. Hate it. Won't step foot in one unless necessary, our walmart backs up to a not so desirable neighborhood so the clientele is not so great either. I overspend too!

  2. It seems you buy most of your meat at Walmart. Is that correct? Do you find it to be cheaper? Probably cheaper than Publix but not cheaper than Winn Dixie I would think.
    In Orlando, I've found that buying my chicken and beef basics (ground beef) from a restaurant supplier is the best way to go, or from Sams club. I get huge, beautiful, boneless, skinless chicken breasts for between 1.00-1.50/lb...and ground beef usually for less than 1.50/lb. (You do have to buy by the case, so 30-40 lbs) I also use a local butcher shop for other meats and typically stick to 1.00-1.50/lb for roasts, chops, ribs, etc. Lots cheaper than even Walmart, which enhances their meats with a lot of liquids and a lot of what you pay for, per pound, is water weight!

  3. Please let me know what supplier you use and their contact info.

    I try really hard to stick to Publix meats. I love it. I use the $10 off $50 or overage to get as much there as possible. I was desperate this week for ground beef, so I had to go to pick some up at walmart.

    My father in law is a hunter, (and dh too) so every now & then we get great deer meat & hog meat which is great.

    I keep an eye on Winn dixie sales too.

    **Please let me know the info on the restaurant supplier if its accessible to the public**
    couponersunited @

  4. I avoid Walmart as much as possible... When I do go there it's for boxed and can goods and yard stuff... I NEVER buy meat or veggies there. I've bought meat a couple of times only to find it spoiled, and the veggies tasted old... However I've bought from the Market places with no problem it's just the super centers no way on.
    I buy my meat at Albertsons. I love getting their boneless skinless chicken breast on sale from $1.69 to $1.99 a pound.. Each breast is a bout a pound which is more then enough for the two of us.. Usually I can't eat my half of the breast so it's saved for lunch the next day on a salad..
    I also need to get back on track with my shopping I've been spending way to much on groceries..


  6. I hate going to Wal-mart, too. I might go once every 3 months or so. I just think it's too big. It never fails that I forget something that was on the other side of the store. I do think their clearance prices are good. And the lines always seem to be long & slow. I prefer going just about anywhere else even if it means paying a little more.

  7. Lorie- Me too. I even told my husband today-- he always makes ME a basket for Easter, so I told him to avoid the hassle, and pay the extra $- to to TARGET :-)

  8. I love Walmart. Mine is a super walmart and just opened a year ago. I have never had a problem there. We do most of our grocery shopping there because Jewel Ocso is so expensive.

  9. I hate going there because the lines are ALWAYS long but....

    I LOVE that I always get overage there.

    I got $10.30 overage today there WHOOO HOOOO

  10. I really can no longer stand going to Wal-mart. I used to go occasionally, but I've only been twice since my son was born (he's 6 months old now).

    There's always 50 frillion people and a wait to check out, the store isn't in a great neighborhood, and some of their corporate practices are questionable. I've not had great success with their meat & produce, either... I'd rather give my $ to Target - where I can still overspend on everything under the sun if I'm not careful! :)

  11. I have been jipped on coupons twice at Walmart. The second time ,a couple days later, I went to the customer service and asked for a supervisor. The girl did not put all my coupons through and I could not prove that I was missing $5-6 worth of coupons. From then on, I always count my coupons before I give them to the girl. I started to do it at Publix as well 'cause sometimes they do not put it through as well.

  12. I try to never go to Walmart unless I have to. I ALWAYS have a problem there...I find the time and energy I waste is not worth the time in savings for me :)

  13. Try not to shop there either always spend way more than expected and I can't stand there gimmick for rollback like saving two cents ( instead of 4.99 it is 4.97) so not worth it. The employees there are so rude too.