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Saturday, April 3, 2010

LOCAL Readers - EnergyWise


Do you use Progress Energy?  You could save you over $145 a year using their EnergyWise Program.

From their site:

A smart, simple way to save.
FREE, easy participation.
The satisfaction of being part of Florida's energy solution.

How EnergyWise works

Progress Energy will arrange (at no cost to you) to have a small device installed at your home, and connect it to electric equipment you choose, such as your water heater and your central heating or cooling system.
The device makes it possible to temporarily reduce energy consumption if our community experiences an unusually high power demand. If that happens, a signal can be sent to cycle power off and on to select equipment of some of the more than 400,000 EnergyWise participants throughout our system. This shared effort lowers the impact to any one customer.
The cycles are limited in duration and to certain times of day according to a schedule designed with your comfort in mind.
Participation is totally voluntary, and there is no penalty should you ever wish to leave the regular year-round or winter-only programs.
When you participate, you'll see a credit on your Progress Energy bill whenever your monthly electric usage is above 600 kWh. The savings are automatic for as long as you're enrolled in the program.1
Be a part of the solution. Enroll in EnergyWise today.

EnergyWise could save you over $145 a year. Plus, it's part of Progress Energy's balanced approach to meeting the complex energy needs of the future through energy efficiency, investments in new technology and the development of environmentally sound energy sources.

You can check out their site HERE or call 1.877.574.0341

Thanks Frugal Force

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  1. I recommend Average monthly billing... I pay the same price year around... It's very easy to budget when you know that the electric bill is this much each month...