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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where To Find Coupons


Have you ever wondered how couponers find MULTIPLE coupons?  When I first learned about couponing I didn't understand how someone could afford 10 or 20 papers + each week.  Wouldn't that add up to about $15 - $30 per week?  Then I learned all the secrets to getting multiple coupons for a great price....even FREE!

Not everyone coupons!!  That's right! There are people out there that actually pay full price (gasp) on all of their shopping trips.  They just are not interested in clipping & planning.  Their loss is your gain.  Just ask.  I get papers each week from 2 of my neighbors,  my father in law, my mom, and one of my sisters.  So, that is 5 FREE sets of inserts right there!

Local business's!  Have a favorite coffee shop?  I bet they have lots of leftover papers on Sunday.  Why not ask if you can take them off their hands on Sunday evenings?  What about a local restaurant...IHOP, Einsteins, Dennys, and Perkins are restaurants that often have papers that are left behind.  What about the auto shops?  Think outside the box!

Bulk/Bundles: Call your local newspaper and see if they will sell you papers in bulk.  You may get a great price.  It's worth a shot.

Trade:  Have coupon buddies?  I have a friend that has pets...but no children.  Well, I have children and no pets!  What a perfect trade!  She gets all the pet coupons from me, and in return she sends me diaper, wipe and kid-food coupons! 

Buy only what you need: Keep an eye on the early-ads.  As soon as they are posted, head over to MyCouponHunter or other coupon clipping companies and purchase multiple coupons for a great price.   Ebay also lists coupons!

Did I miss anything?  How do you get extra papers cheap?  How many do you buy?


  1. I'll admit it. Sometimes (if I have the time) I'll go around the neighborhood the night before recycling pick up and check to see if there are any Sunday papers on or near the top. If there are - I grab them! Normally there are coupon inserts in just about all of them where I live. (Which sort of shocks and horrifies me, but hey - I still benefit.) :-p I generally wait until it's a bit darker in order to avoid strange attention, but no one has ever come up to me and asked what I was doing. (Honestly! The recycling-picker just wants a good deal!)

  2. I buy deals in bulk so I go to either or ebay to get mine after I search the early ads and compile my list, I keep a list of staples I get so as soon as I see them on sale I plot out the cheapest way to buy lots!

  3. In my neighborhood, the local newspaper will deliver on Friday a set of coupons and fliers to anyone who does not subscribe to the newspaper. So when I see them out, I grab them from the houses that I know are empty. I can usually get about 3 more sets this way.