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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Target Finds

I browsed Target yesterday with my youngest daughter while the older kids were at church.  We found jeans for the kids (girls section) clearanced to just $6.  Thats a stockup price on jeans for us!They also had lots of toddler girls shorts for $2.  These were not cheap-style shorts, these are nice shorts with pockets, button & zipper and super nice, strong fabric! 

ALSO, the $1 section had a big row of 50% off.  I scored some Spic & Span Auto Wipes, Elmo Books, foaming handsoap and socks for 50cents each.  I'm assuming these will go 75% off soon.

Don't forget the Easter section is 50% off right now too!

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  1. I was there yesterday too! Got 50% off dollar section for my niece whose bathroom is going to be done in monkeys!!
    Don't forget Target has a $5 off $30 Circo/Cherokee clothes coupon on their site.