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Monday, April 19, 2010

Staples Deal: 2 Cases of Paper for as low as $3.05 Shipped!


This is a great deal! We go through ALOT of paper at our house so I will be taking advantage of this deal today! Thanks to Penny Pinchin Mom for this scenario and for testing this out herself first to be sure it works:

1. Sign up or log into your account at Shop at Home. By doing this, you can earn 3% cash back on your purchase. If you're a new member, you will receive $5 in you account just for signing up. However, if you would rather just shop directly through the site, you can go to Staples.

2. Once you get to the Staples site, select “Order by Catalog#” at the top of the page.

3. Input the number 122374-QJ. This will bring up HammerMill Copy Plus Copy Paper. The price will be $24.99 for one case. Place 2 of these into your cart.

4. On the next screen select Add/Edit Coupon and input 47617. This will deduct $5.00 per case, for a total discount of $10.00.

5. When you checkout, shipping to the store will be free. If you spend $50.00, you can get this shipped to your home for free. You can pick up 1 dozen pencils for $1.61 if you are looking for something inexpensive to bring your total over $50.00 (plus $1.61 is less than you’ll pay for shipping, so worth it to me).

6. When you checkout, your total will be $51.59+ tax (your local sales tax will be applied here). You will see FREE shipping on your order.

7. Within 7 – 10 days, you will see $1.54 credited back to your Shop at Home account. AND, if this is your first order through Shop At Home, you will even get a $5.00 credit to your account as well.

8. You will then need to submit your order receipt by June 17, 2010, to get a $32.00 rebate ($16.00 per case). This rebate comes to you in the form of a pre-paid Visa card. One important thing to note that your purchase MUST be made from April 18 – April 24 to get this rebate offer.

So, after all rebates have been applied, you could potentially have a final total that looks like this:

$49.98 2 Cases Paper
1 .61 1 Dozen Pencils
-10.00 Coupon Code
- 1.54 Shop at Home Rebate
- 5.00 Shop at Home first time purchase rebate
-32.00 Easy Saver Rebates
$ 3.05+ Tax

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