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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Publix - My totals


WOW it was quite a week.  I stocked up on cookie dough, cereal, creamer, and cleaners.  I put all the cookie dough in the freezer for holiday cooking. We have more than enough for all the parties and events we will attend.  Creamer goes FAST in our house, also it has a long exp date.  Cereal does not last long in my house-4 kids and a hubby that enjoys an extra bowl (or two) before bed.

This is a total from the trips I have taken in the last 7 days.  Last week we had the same ad, and my total last week was $5.34.  Im looking forward to the Farmers Market this weekend, we are in need of more fruits & veggies now!!

20 packs of refrigerated cookie dough x $3.09BOGO
-$1/1 from Greenwise Magazine
-$1/2 Manufacturer from Organic Booklet
Total 90 cents for 20 packs!

14 Nestle Creamer x $1.99BOGO
-$1.50/2 from 3/28SS
Total  for 14 bottles: $3.43

14 GM Cereals x $3.99BOGO
-$1.50 Peelies
Total for 14 boxes: $6.93

12 Schick Razors x .99
-$3/1 Peelie coupons
Total for 12 packs: $24.12 Overage

8 Softscrub Kitchen/Bath Cleaners 2 for $5
-$1.50 from 3/7RP
-$1 Target Coupon
8 for FREE (paid tax)

(2) Gallons of Milk
(2) individual servings of Milk
(2) Loaves of Sara Lee
(4) Motts Apple Juice
(4) packs of strawberries
(1) bag of carrots
(1) bag of FREE Sunchips (used free coupon)

I also used (1) $10/$50 this week and (2) $2 Register Rewards

Total out of pocket for this weeks ad: $2.17


  1. I never noticed the cookie deal! Did I miss last week's match ups? I see where last week's sneak preview was posted...but couldn't find the match ups.

  2. Laura- It was the Immaculate Baking company cookies. You know what? I don't think I posted the super deals last week :( Sorry!!

  3. I'm curious - what was the Organic Booklet with the cookie MQ?

  4. Nicole:

    honestly I have no idea!! I bought 10 of these on Ebay. I could tell they were from a booklet. Then Amy (fellow blogger) let me know one of her readers told her it was from an organic booklet
    Here is the link to the ebay auction:

  5. Your Publix lets you use Register Rewards? I live off of Markham Woods Rd in Longwood and none of the Lake Mary stores let you use them. They won't even allow Target coupons! Maybe I should start shopping in Volusia County!!!

  6. I found one awesome cashier that will. at the OCity publix :-)

  7. when and where did you find the $3 peelies for the Schick razors??