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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My New Favorite Toy!

Is it sad that a sweeper/vacuum is a "toy" to me?  :-)  My hubby came home with a new swivel sweeper for me yesterday--and I LOVE IT!  I have posted before about how much I hate floors.  I don't have tile throughout my house (thank God-I couldn't handle that!)  I only have tile in the 3 bathrooms, kitchen, entryway, and my scrapbook room/classroom.  I MUST sweep daily, especially in the kitchen (white tile) and I really should wash the floor daily, but I tend to slack on that.  Once I finish all of the sweeping I am not in the mood to mop too.  I complain about it ALOT, so I guess my husband got the hint and came home with the above. 

I just wanted to share how much time it saves me!  Time is so precious to me.  I enjoy spending AS MUCH time as possible with my kids and husband, so anything that saves me time is a fave of mine!  With this new gadget, I finished sweeping ALL of the tile in under 15 minutes.  And-it has a 45min battery, so I had plenty of battery left. I had one a few years ago,  but this one is much better.  You don't have to remove the bottom by hand anymore, there is a button you press instead.  The battery is longer, and the swivel head reaches more places than the original version.

I searched online for it (hubby got ours at Publix!)  and the cheapest I could find the new G2 version was HERE!


  1. Mary - I love how you find all these great deals at Amazon. You will have to teach me your secrets - LOL!

  2. Aint no shame in loving clean floors! I am about to retire my beloved vac... but I LOVE the idea of a newbie!!!!