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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Deals On Travel!


Do you like to travel? I DO! And, when we do travel, I always look for the best deals possible.  Paying for 6 plane tickets, hotel stay, even restaurant costs all add up.  I plan WAY ahead of time.  6 months + so that I can get the very best deal.  HOTWIRE is one of my favorite sites to find travel deals.  I also use and travelocity.  HOTWIRE offers deals directly to your inbox.  I  love that because Im one of the first to find out the best deals.   And we all know when there is a HOT deal, it tends to go really fast.  You can sign up HERE to get updates from Hotwire.   Our next family vacation is planned for the end of June.  We are headed to Missouri for a family reunion.  It has been planned for a year!!


  1. what part of Missouri?? We have our family reunions there too usually down southern MO(lot's of family still there)I am in GA now but love to go back! just thought I would ask :)

  2. We will be at a cabin in the Ozarks :-) I don't know the area well. Does that narrow it down or are the Ozarks big??? LOL!