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Monday, March 22, 2010

Printer Ink & Toner - up to 85% Savings!


We go through ALOT of ink at our house.  ALOT.  Between coupons and homeschooling worksheets and sometimes full books for homeschooling....YIKES!! I just received an email about InkOrbit and so I checked out their prices.  It says Up to 85% off and so I decided to actually look over the site before posting about it.  Sure enough the ink I buy was there and I usually pay around $139, and it was only $79.95 at Inkorbit--and free shipping on orders over $55....  Take a look if you go through ink like we do!!


  1. What kind of printer do you have? We are searching for a new printer for both couponing and homeschooling. Our printer just died. Do you like yours and would you recommend? I'm wanting an all in one (well, mainly I want the printing and copying functions). I'm thinking it might be best to get a printer where you can refill the different colors individually. Anyhow, interested in if you have any recommendations on a printer!

  2. We use 2 printers:

    We have a Brother Printer which my husband uses for work or "important" forms/documents and anythign we need printed in color.

    Then, for couponing & homeschooling we use a HP Laserjet. Laserjet printers are expensive. HOWEVER- I HIGHLY recommend them for homeschooling/couponing. I mean, really I print 100+ page workbooks .... for 2 kids....soon to be 3 when my 3rd child starts preschool. The laserjets are AWESOME on ink. If I was using the other printer on homeschooling/couponing printing, I would be buying ink once a week. The laserjet--I have not bought ink yet. We're still using the ink it came with. We've had it for over 3 months and have been through 11 reams of paper...... and the ink is printing like new still!!!

    Hope that helps. I would totally spend the money on the laser jet. Especially for homeschooling. You will be printing for 12yrs per kid! LOL