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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buy Gift Cards at a Discount + More!


Save up to 30% at your favorite stores.

I stumbled upon this site last night while looking to purchase a birthday gift. I have alot of family members that are very hard to shop for. I usually get so frustrated trying to get that perfect gift that I end up buying a gift card. The downside is that I can't use a coupon on a gift card. And, if I head to the Gap or Old Navy or any other store, they are not going to give me a discount on a gift card :( UNTIL NOW!! Have you heard of Plastic Jungle?? Plastic Jungle has a large variety of gift cards for up to 35% off! Not only would this make a great would also add to our own savings. If I purchase a $100 Target Gift Card for $90, I'm saving $10.... AND we couponers know how far $90 can get us at Target using discounts, coupons, etc.
It looks like their inventory of cards is always changing. Right now I noticed Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Gap, Old Navy & More. I didn't see any of my local grocery stores...but maybe you will find yours.

ALSO, Plastic Jungle will purchase your unused gift cards too. Have you ever received a gift card for your bday or Christmas and did not care for that particular store? Now, you can get cash for it!! Head over to Plastic Jungle and look around.

I did find a gift card at a 12% discount last night. And now Im going to head back over to the site for a Target Card for MYSELF!


  1. Oh I love this site! You have to keep up with it because most of the cards are higher value. But well worth it if you can get one you need!

  2. This one was on Shark Tank...

    Great idea!

  3. Thanks a lot. I used Ebay before, but this site saves me ALOT more. thanks mary..and plasticjungle. hehehe

  4. Anonymous- NO don't go through Ebay. Ive tried and many times the $ is more than the amount on the stupid gift card. ugh. its a hassle. AND plastic jungle, they verify their cards, so your good to go.