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Friday, February 19, 2010

Updated Walmart Prices


Amy at Who Said Nothing in Life is free? visited a local Walmart today and found the following prices:

The YoBaby yogurt cups are $1 so free after $1 printable coupon!

The malt o meals bags ranged from $2.58 - $4.28, use the $2 coupon on, will make it as low as 58cents!

Lunchable sub kits which were $1.49, use the 75 cent coupons from to make them 74 cents!

Schick disposible razors (10+2 count) $1.97, use$3 coupons from 2/7 SS to make them FREE+ you will get overage (if your store allows)

Knox gelatins $1.28, use $4 coupons from 1/24 RP to get them FREE + overage!

1 lb of Land o Frost sliced Ham or Turkey $3 each, use the $2 coupons from
HERE and pay $1!(great price for 1 pound!!)

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