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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


First, I would like to say that I have received many great deals from Snapfish and I totally love their quality of pictures..... I have never had a problem with their company prior to now.

However, I received a comment today letting me know that the readers order was cancelled. Then, I signed into my inbox and had about 15 emails from readers with similar stories. Snapfish claiming that the photo dog leash is no longer available due to "depleted inventory".
I did not order the dog leash, but did order the coasters, I have not received an email about them "yet". Im sure I'm next.

That being said, Nicole over at Nicole's Nickels has a great post about how to deal with this (if you choose to fight it) Go HERE to read her post.

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  1. I tried to order the dog leash but when I tried to check out the system wouldn't let me. I guess by the time I was ordering it they had caught on to the fact that they were out. I too ordered the coasters. I hope I get them. Guess we'll see.