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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MORE FREE Excedrin (+money maker)


WOW- AMY FOUND another $1 off Excedrin Menstrual HERE
Excedrin Menstrual is $2.50 at Walgreens this week
You get a $2 RR when you buy Excedrin Menstrual this month
So, after coupon & RR, you will make 50cents! There is no tax on medicine here - yay!

And, don't forget about the coupon HERE. If you choose Excedrin, you will get a $2 off coupon. If you choose Tylenol, you will get a FREE coupon for Excedrin mailed to your home. (I received my FREE coupon earlier this week, and just now went and printed my $2 off coupon)

(those of you in my area....I can't find this in stock....Im going to travel tonight b/c I have lots of coupons to use!)

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  1. Don't look in the area where all off the excedrin are located, I made that mistake and went to another store I didn't find them there either, when I was walking away something purple caught my eye as I looked I found the Excedrin Menstrual, it was in the area were the other PMS (premenstrual) medicine is. and not with the other Excedrin medicines(Migrain, tension,etc. etc.)hope this help you!