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Saturday, February 27, 2010

2 Boxes of Gourmet Coffee + Coffee Maker + Scoop


I posted about the 3 coffees & mug for $3 deal a few days ago HERE.

Gevalia is offering an even better deal now!

It's a little bit more expensive, but comes with ALOT MORE!! For $9.95 + $5.95 shipping you will receive a 12-cup Coffeemaker & Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop + 2 Boxes Gourmet Coffee! A $108 VALUE! Go HERE to get yours!

You will be automatically enrolled in Gevalia shipments. HOWEVER, there is NO commitment! After your order arrives, you can cancel with no further obligation… so you will NOT ever be billed again or sent anything more! If you decide that the Gevalia Auto-ship program is not for you, just call this number-1-800-438-2542 and cancel. It's easy (yes, we have done it!!)


  1. I just wanted to write that if anyone wants to do this is very easy to cancel w/them! They are VERY nice about it (which I find it weird given all the stuff you get!!)....Its a really nice coffee maker too!

  2. like Bker Tribe above I tried and liked the coffee alot AND it was easy to cancel.

  3. They have another deal on their website where you can get a bundle for $19.95 and free shipping that includes the coffeemaker, travel mug, and FOUR boxes of coffee!

  4. Is the 3 for $3 still available?