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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Swagbucks Code available!

Head over to the swagbucks blog HERE for a code hunt!! I missed the 3 swagbucks, but you can grab 2 swagbucks if you find it by 6pm Eastern OR 1 swagbuck if you find it between 6pm - 9pm Eastern.


Not sure what Swagbucks is all about, Read on:

BENEFITS of joining swagbucks:
There are MANY things you can purchase with your swagbucks!!! My favorite are the $5 amazon gift cards that are only 45 swagbucks!! There are lots of other great prizes, and they add more all the time. There are many ways to make swagbucks besides searching too. Head over and sign up HERE

How can I earn swagbucks?? (its easy!!)

If you do join now (free to join) - you will get 3 swagbucks just for signing up!!

Here are a few suggestions to get more swagbucks:

1) Use Swagbucks instead of google to search for items

2) Become a fan of their facebook page HERE (they post codes there sometimes)

3) Follow Swagbucks on Twitter HERE (they post codes there sometimes)
Dont forget to follow Couponers United too !!

4) Send me an email couponersunited so I can add you to my list to send emails when codes are released. I CAN NOT send you the actual code, but I can tell you where to look
(ie-facebook, twitter, etc) when codes are available) I send approx 1 email per day

5) Download the toolbar (its free and safe-Ive had no issues with it at all)

**Don't forget to drop me an email after you sign up so I can add you to my swagbucks code alert email list**

Other ways I earn cash or gift cards on the web:

Inbox Dollars- $5 sign up bonus!

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