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Monday, February 8, 2010

FREE Canvas from the Canvas People - think VALENTINES!!


Reposting for new readers:

Right now, you can go HERE and get a FREE 8x10 canvas or $55 credit toward a larger size for registering at the Canvas People. Its simple, you just upload a photo and select the size and custom effects. They do the rest and ship it right to you. You can upload photos of your children, vacation spots, pets or even upload the kid's artwork! You do have to pay shipping, but its SO worth it. If you've ever shopped for a canvas photo, you know they are NOT CHEAP!!

***Im trying to get a pic of my girls for a Valentine's gift to daddy***
(but it's almost impossible to get my almost 2yr old to smile at the same time as the others ughh)

**Update, here are the prices after the $55 off**
8x10 - Was $49.99 Now: FREE
11x11 - Was $58.99 - Now: $3.99
11x14 - Was $68.99 - Now: $13.99
16x16 - Was $78.99 - Now: $23.99
16x20 - Was $88.99 - Now: $33.99
18x24 - Was $98.99 - Now: $43.99

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