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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Coupon Lingo :-)

This is an answer to a request from one of my readers! She is not sure of all the coupon lingo (I love that phrase-"coupon Lingo" hehe!

ANYTIME any of you have questions, please leave a comment with your question, OR email me!! ANYTIME :-) I'd love to help. Here are a few I can think of off the top of my head:

WAGS: Walgreens
BOGO, B1G1, BOGOF : Buy One, Get One Free

SS: Smartsource, which is an insert in the Sunday Paper
RP: Redplum, another insert in the Sunday paper
P&G: Procter & Gamble, another insert in the Sunday paper-usually comes out 1x per month

Coup: Coupon
Manuf: Manufacturer coupon
Store Coup: A coupon offered by a specific store, only to be used at that store. Most stores allow you to combine a manufacturer coupon AND their store coupon!!
Stacking: Using more than 1 coupon on an item. (usually 1 store and one manufacturer coupon)

RR: Register Reward, offered at Walgreens (this will need a post of its own)
ECB: Extra Care Buck, offered at CVS (this will need a post of its own)

Overage: Anytime a coupon value is MORE than the price of the product(s), the difference in the amount is "overage". not every store allows this, not every cashier allows this.

RC: Rain Check

Edit (thanksKelly): IP is an internet Printable coupon!!

FLIP: Food Lion Internet Printable (Publix takes these as a competitor coup!)

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  1. what about ip? i think there were more i didn't know but i forgot